Awesome trainer! Ryan is not only great at Brazilian Jiujitsu, but he is a fantastic, knowledgeable, cutting edge personal trainer. I consider him not only a resource for diet and workout tips, but also a personal coach too! Ryan definitely practices what he preaches and helps me get the edge and motivation that I need to improve on a continual basis.
Dr. Steven Enriquez, Owner - Global Chiropractic
I can't say enough about Ryan. The dude knows his stuff, and has a great personality to go with it. He genuinely wants you to achieve your goals...for YOU, not for him! Give this place a try....you'll thank yourself later.
Reed Graham, COO - Erickson Framing Holdings LLC
I have been working out here for about two years now. During that time I have accomplished some amazing feats that I never thought I would or could even imagine doing. Some key areas would be: losing over 100lbs, losing 10 dress sizes, accomplishing my goal of joining the military, and gaining the confidence to be more out going then ever before.
Jenn Hobbs
I have been training at Flex Fitness for a few months now, and am seeing amazing results. I feel better, look better, sleep better and enjoy life more. The atmosphere at the gym is exciting, inviting and friendly and i am glad i chose flex fitness as my gym. If you are looking to get back in shape and need the motivation of a personal trainer to help drive you to results, there is no gym better suited for you.

Plus they manage to make going to the gym fun and something i look forward to, which is no easy task.

Joshua Kelly, Advertising Consultant - Diversified Marketing Group
Don't think you are going to just show up and magically lose weight. If you're willing to put in the work and really change your life for the better then Flex Fitness is the only place to go. Ryan provides to you with the ultimate platform for weight loss success. His ability to tailor workouts for all fitness levels is unparalleled. Can't say enough good things about him and the people that work out there.
Troy McHenry, U-Haul
Ryan is a great trainer. He provides you with the tools, knowledge, and workouts you need to keep you encouraged and motivated. I love the variety of the workout routines and knowing he is there to encourage myself to push past my limits.
Octavio Bravo, Accountant - Affiliated Computer Services

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