Almost Ate My Hand

Almost Ate My Hand

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You ever wake up SOOO hungry that you could eat your hand?

This happened to me today and I was super pumped! You see, it’s a good thing because it means my metabolism is cranking at full swing.

If you don’t get this morning hunger then your metabolism needs some MAJOR HELP.

And if you do get it we can take full advantage of it 🙂

Either way I’m going to help you burn more fat doing absolutely nothing!

The technique is called Intermittent Fasting

Here’s how to do it:

1.Don’t have anything with calories 6-8 hours after waking.

2. Have a protein rich first meal

3. Follow your meal plan for the rest of the day

These are the basics and it works crazy good for melting off body fat super fast, better than anything I have tried before.

I put together a complete video guide on all the tips and tricks to maximize this fat loss technique inside my VIP Training Club.

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