CHEAT Your Way To A Healthy, Lean & Attractive Body

Cheat Your Way To A Healthy, Lean & Attractive Body

Yep, all of my successful clients are CHEATERS!

We all have a desire to WIN and get FAST results.

But, we have been taught to play by the “rules” so cheating does not come natural to most of us.

The video above breaks all the rules you have been taught and demands that you cheat to lose massive amounts of body fat in a flash.

I am talking about cheating on your… Diet!

You heard that right, I want you to eat more and tons of carbs 🙂

Once per week you will have a meal that is packed full of  foods that you have been craving all week. Eat anything and everything that you want during this meal.

Just make sure that you earned it by eating clean the rest of the week and hit all of your workouts.

That’s the ONLY catch, you have to earn it!

Watch the video above of me and Flex Fit Family Member, Jake Dennis, going into more detail about how we structure cheat meals for the Flex Fitness Personal Training Clients.

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