Jake Lost Over 80lbs! See How He Got His Life And Health Back…

Jake Lost Over 80lbs! See How He Got His Life And Health Back…

He waged war on his unhealthy habits and replaced them with our proven exercise program, healthy eating and proper rest.

It all started when Jake came into Flex Fitness for a Transformation Session

With his dedication and hard work he was able to shed about 80lbs of fat off his body in only a few short months.

I am so proud of his accomplishments and I am pumped to share this with you today and hopefully inspire you to take control of your life and demand more from yourself starting now.

Jake will be the first one to tell you that reaching your goals comes down to having a plan that you know will work and following through with that plan no matter what it takes!

Here is the plan he followed:

  • Setting specific goals with a timeline to reach them.
  • Weekly tracking to make sure he was on track.
  • Structured workouts designed for fat loss and building muscle.
  • An eating plan that allows TONS of good food and less of the junk.
  • Surround yourself with a solid support system like we have at Flex Fitness
  • REWARD yourself when you hit your goals!

It really is this simple, but if you do any step wrong you will get no results and eventually get frustrated and quit.

Follow the plan and you will do awesome!

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